Tu Hieu Pagoda’s convenient and picturesque location amidst pine forests nearby Tu Duc’s Tomb is one of Hue’s most atmospheric pagodas on account of its tranquil setting.

In the beginning, Từ Hiếu was a small temple founded and headed by Thích Nhất Định who was a noble monk under the first four reigns of Nguyễn Dynasty. Later on in 1848, it was renovated and expanded with the financial support of imperial eunuchs who expected to be buried in the pagoda’s graveyard, and to seek solace for their souls after death. To date, over 30 graves of the eunuchs are still found in the pagoda yard.

Tu Hieu was established in 1842 and by 1848 had been directed to dedicate itself to the honouring of the souls of imperial eunuchs.

Tu Hieu’s biggest claim to fame though is its connection with one of international Buddhism’s leading lights - Thich Nhat Hanh. Thich Nhat Hanh entered Tu Hieu Pagoda in the 1940s aged 16