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While most major cities in the world frown on graffiti and authorities penalize taggers with jail time or hefty fines, Colombia's capital city Bogota is taking a different approach—and the results have been colorful, to say the least.

In Bogota, the graffiti and mural paintings are everywhere and of high quality, without a doubt some of the best in the world. The city is even proclaimed Latin America's capital of Street Art!

Bogotá's street artists are able to take their time creating masterpieces on the walls of Colombia's capital city. The incredible works vary in method, scale and message, with many containing fascinating cultural , historical and political references.

A Graffiti Tour in Bogota, Colombia which explain the history of graffiti in Bogotá and unveils some of the city's best street art is highly popular. Bogotá's walls, reveal the untrammelled creativity of the capital's graffiti artists.

Nowhere is the street art in Bogota more prevalent than in the famed La Candelaria district. Any visit to Bogota would most definitely be incomplete without a tour of this fabulous area.