The Armenian Church is located at Hill Street and was built in 1835. It was originally a parish of the Armenian Apostolic Church, an Oriental Orthodox denomination. The last Armenian parish priest however left in the late 1930s, and with the dwindling Armenian population in Singapore, a successor was never appointed.

Oriental Orthodox churches recognize only the first three ecumenical councils -- the First Council of Nicaea, the First Council of Constantinople and the First Council of Ephesus.

The First Council of Nicaea in 325 declared Jesus to be "consubstantial" with God, or that they are actually one and the same. The Council of Constantinople in 381 further solidified and reinforced this belief. In 431, the First Council of Ephesus held that Jesus, while both divine and human, is only one being or person

Armenian and Oriental Orthodox services are held only at Christmas and Easter at the church.