Sikhism emphasizes the concept of non-duality.‘Non-duality’ is a translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Advaita’, which simply means ‘not two’ and points to the essential oneness. wholeness, completeness, unity of life.

A wholeness which exists here and now,prior to any apparent separation. There are numerous verses and shabads in the Sri Gurur Granth Sahib,that speak about the total and absolute nature of the Supreme Reality and non duality. To emphasize this Oneness, Guru Nanak used the numeral “1” at the beginning of Mool Mantar. My pictures in this gallery are laced with verses from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib which speak to the concept of Oneness, or non duality.

"The question 'Who am I?' is the most important question a human being can ask".

~ Mooji

"If you really know how to ask the question 'Who am I?' you will inevitably be delivered into that state of silence and pure consciousness that is your true Being. The question 'Who am I?' will ultimately deliver you into the 'I am' of you."
~ Leonard Jacobson

There is no thing you can think of in this universe that can tell you what you are. It is beyond words and thoughts. You can never with your finite mind understand who you are. Do not try to do this. It works in reverse. It is actually when you stop thinking about who you are or want to know who you are, and you stop analyzing and trying to figure it out that the truth about you is revealed. It is beyond all the thoughts and feelings you ever have. It has absolutely nothing to do with you as you are now. It is the substratum of all existence. You may call it God if you will. Do not think of yourself as an anthropomorphic deity apart from God. Because God is you are. Therefore what God is you are. There is no separation. Awaken to this truth."
~ Robert Adams

When you are fully awake in Oneness, you will not know who you are, for to know who you are, requires two, the knower and the known. The need to know who you are will keep you forever imprisoned within duality.”
-Leonard Jacobson

What is not permanent is not worth striving for. Ther is no such thing as "reaching" the self. The Self is not "reached" because you already are the Self. You are already That.
~Ramana Maharishi

Bhagat Ravidass Ji, one of the Bhagats whose Bani is included in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, states it very simply, cogently and neatly in the form of a a question by asking: "Tohee Mohee, Mohee Tohee, anter kaisa?"

Enjoy the pictures, absorb and reflect on the verses